Miss Thang (tara84) wrote in t7s_greatness,
Miss Thang

Can't get enough of Fenton

Episode: Eric and Donna are shopping around in the mall to register for their wedding. The same store they're at Fenton just happens to work there also.

Fenton: "Can I help you?...Oh it's you!"
Eric: "Hello Fenton!"
Donna: "You too know each other?"
Eric: "Yeah, this is the weirdo that sold me your ring. He's probably worn it more than you."
Fenton: "Maybe she doesn't want to wear it cuz it's from you!"
Eric: "Maybe you should keep your nose out of my business!"
Fenton: "Believe me, that's the last place i want to keep my nose!"
Eric:"Uh....I'm sorry"
Fenton: "Me too"

LoL...Fenton's the funniest. Oh and that episode when him and Fez are arguing about the pants.

Fez: "Lets just say there was a pair of pants that would of made my ass look like an oil painting"
Fenton: "If you mean old and cracked? Then i agree!!"
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