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We All Love 'Em
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Why we keep coming back for more...'s LiveJournal:

Thursday, March 24th, 2005
3:20 pm
From Last Night
Hyde: You know, fun, that thing you never have.

Angie: I have fun. Kelso, I'm fun right?

Kelso: Well, you sure are good looking.
Monday, March 21st, 2005
10:12 am
New Girl
Fez: What's disco?
Steven Hyde: It's from Hell. And, not the cool part of hell where all the murderers are either, but the lame-ass part where accountants are from.

Fez: This suit is for leisure. But many times I wear it to get down to business.

Fez: I like my women like I like my wine: Red and full of alcohol.

Michael Kelso: I'm not shallow. I just judge women on their looks.

Donna Pinciotti: I like showing my butt. I like to show it and I like to shake it.

Eric:Beer and darts, keeping the eye patch industry in bussiness since 1820 (or which ever year I forget).

I don't remember exactly which episodes they are from. Hyde is my fav. character, because he is the hottest, but Fez ties him for the funniest lines.
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
11:02 pm
"well theres more bad news , when you return to the course someone drew boobs and an ass crack on the clown statue and don't try to wash it off because i used permenant marker"-kelso
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
12:58 am
eric: oh god a spider!!! a big one!!
red:a brillo pad? you're afraid of a brillo pad??
eric: it bit me....

eric: hey hyde did you see the one where mr. brady went crazy and puts bells up on all the doors?
red: did you see the one where greg was a wiseass and mr. brady took him outside and cleaned his clock?
laurie: did you ever see the one where i hated living here?
hyde: that one's my favorite!
Friday, December 17th, 2004
2:58 pm
(Episode-Surprise Surprise)
Fez (to Angie): So you think Kelso's good in bed huh? And you know how he got that way? Practice, practice, practice. Cheerleader, cheerleader,cheerleader's mother.

(Recent episode- Winter)
Bob: Hey there, Hi there, Ho Ho Ho there!
2:44 am
?oh boy fanny farmer.. my favorite!" (whispered)
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
1:21 pm
(from teh ep when Bert dies and Annette comes to visit)

Eric: did you hear that? the shrill voice, the bossy tone, the random hatred of all things that bounce? oh my god, she's jackie!
Donna: a new jackie
Eric: a blonde jackie
Both: blackie!!

Donna: come on! we'll do girly things...it'll be like a pajama party with makeovers
Jackie: i'm not interested in doing stupid girly things. i'm not shallow anymore!
Hyde: (choking on hot dog) don't do that when i'm eating!

Donna: wow, you're jealous
Jackie: i am not jealous! i just wanna pop that inflateable bitch and watch her fly around the room

Kelso: hey who took my ice cream? (looks at fez)
Fez: (holding spoon) oh sure it's always the foreign guy
Hyde: fez, you're holding the spoon
Fez: oh sure it's always the foreign guy with the spoon!

Annette: i didn't know him, but there's a carly simon song that always cheers me up.
i haven't got time for the pain
i haven't got room for the pain
i haven't the need for the pain
Eric: what do i do? do i clap? i'm just gonna walk away
Kelso: that was awesome! do you know devil went down to georgia?

Donna: you were spying on us? eric!!
Eric: ok if ne1 should be mad, it should be us b/c lady, you DO NOT know how to throw a slumber party! flannel pajamas...what are you 100??
Fez: you need a nighty? i'll buy a nighty!!

Red: ok, calm down. it's not as bad as you think. maybe you're having a hot flash
Eric: oh...dad...no!!!!
Red: Eric, i need you...to get...to the wine

that last one is my favorite of like all times...i love it. i combined both of those ep's so yeah. hope you guys have a great holiday!!!
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
10:20 pm
heres a scene from an episode i saw live last week
eric-ah, you put a little schnapps in the hot chocolate.
kelso-more like i put a little hot chocolate in the schnapps.
red-you kids brought booze with you?...well, schnapp it over here.
kelso-eric, i think your dad's been body-snatched by a nice guy.

not sure when that episode will air but it was a good one.

i want to say what happened in that episode but i think it will ruin the next episodes for you all cuz it kinda ruined it for me. :)

Current Mood: cold
Saturday, December 4th, 2004
2:34 pm
Jackie and Hyde
The not so real story behind how Jackie and Hyde got together. Hyde's explanation: "It was obvious she wanted me"

Jackie: "I want you!"
Hyde: "It's obvious"

LoL that gets me everytime. I can not think about that quote and not laugh.
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
4:20 pm
you guys we're talking about the Bob and Pam episode. My fav part is in the basement

Bob: Pam is here to stay. THAT'S RIGHT. I will have my pretty lady. This Bob, is back!
*long pause, Eric starts to slow clap*
Guys: Alright Bob!
Eric: Bob, you're just like me. We give regular guys hope! You can't leave Pam because.. cause Pam's your Donna.
Jackie: Steven, I am your Donna?
Hyde: That doesn't apply to us, we're both good looking.

-then later

Jackie: foreigners never finish the job
Fez: oh please if it hadn't been for Bob I'd be your step-daddy right now.
1:09 pm
from the episode when jackie and donna try to break up pam and bob.

kitty: Red, the last time we had a party you called teh cops and had them tow everyone's car.
red: Drunk people looking for cars! That was funny!!

fez: hey either she digs for gold or she doesn't. it's an easy little check. are her boots muddy? does she carry a pick axe? when she gets home does she say 'tough day at teh gold mines'?

eric: guys all i know is that pretty tan lady touched my butt. and that is more action than i've gotten in weeks.
donna: keep it up and you'll be having sex with yourself

hyde: my advice is stick with her bob. only take pictures because no one will believe you
jackie: don't listen to him. he grew up poor, he's stupid
bob: what do you think eric?
donna: yeah eric, what do you think? i hope it's the right answer
eric: you love that women for all she's worth bob!
donna: eric!!
eric: what are you gonna do, cut me off from sex again?!
1:17 pm
Can't get enough of Fenton
Episode: Eric and Donna are shopping around in the mall to register for their wedding. The same store they're at Fenton just happens to work there also.

Fenton: "Can I help you?...Oh it's you!"
Eric: "Hello Fenton!"
Donna: "You too know each other?"
Eric: "Yeah, this is the weirdo that sold me your ring. He's probably worn it more than you."
Fenton: "Maybe she doesn't want to wear it cuz it's from you!"
Eric: "Maybe you should keep your nose out of my business!"
Fenton: "Believe me, that's the last place i want to keep my nose!"
Eric:"Uh....I'm sorry"
Fenton: "Me too"

LoL...Fenton's the funniest. Oh and that episode when him and Fez are arguing about the pants.

Fez: "Lets just say there was a pair of pants that would of made my ass look like an oil painting"
Fenton: "If you mean old and cracked? Then i agree!!"
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
9:28 pm
"well at least there singing like you'll be doing real soon..happy song..happy song...is there a bar here?"-kitty

"hey wheres that dude and that other dude and that girl and that dude and the other girl?"-leo

fez-you know last night they went to a party without me..a topless party

donna-i love you eric
eric-i love..cake

"you know what has two thumbs and really loves brownies....THIS GUY!"-kelso

"well the butts are in the seats but not one butt is the butt of a friend."-fez

"my name is fez i love candy whore good day i said good day!"-donna

"an apple where is my candy you son of a bitch?"-fez

ok thats all for now. hehehe

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
2:00 pm
When Mitch and Donna are on a pretend date at a wedding and Eric is the waiter...

"Welcome to the holiday hotel ballroom, I'll be your waiter this evening. But unlike a normal waiter, I DESPISE and may try to DESTROY you!"
12:47 pm
"jackie will you stop saying that everything of mine is yours?"
"steven last year for valentines day i gave you a card that says be mine adn you said yes. that means everything you have, have had or will in the future have-is mine."

that's so great. and then you have "he's my brother! i try to get him fired, he calls me a stripper, it's how we play!"

"i can't stoop to your level."
"but she can (gestures to jackie)"

i know, not the best ep but i was talking a/b in the 70s community so yeah...
11:12 am
New Member

Hi! I just joined cuz ducks0446  told me to and also cuz i think this community is an awesome idea! Now there's a community just based on quotes, how great is that? Anyway here's a couple of quotes that i thought were hilarious.

 (Alison Hannigan) as Suzy: " I like things that are loud, Guns and boys!"

Fez: "Then load me up baby, i'm ready to blow!"

Oh the episode where Eric's teaching Red about Star Wars.

Eric: "Who is this?" ( He picks up the action figure of Han Solo)

Red: "The guy that flies the spaceship and sits next to the big hairy guy."

Eric: "This is Han Solo."

Eric: "Who's this?" ( he picks up Darth Vader)

Red: "Ok i know this one. The guy with the breathing problem."

Eric: "This is Darth freakin Vader!... I don't know dad some where down the line i failed with you."

LOL i love those episodes.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
9:52 pm
well i just joined. i love this! i quote that 70's show all the time. i even have quotes on my cell. i think this is going to be a great community! :)

ok on to the quotes....

"someday im going to own a restaurant and everythings going to be special and when people ask me they say hey kelso whats the special im going to say everything."-kelso


ok i will put more later.

Current Mood: happy
9:47 pm
-"you will pick out your favorite, i will disregard that and make the correct choice."
-"so what will i be doing?"
-"you will be eating candy. now make the sugar-daddy last eric!"
-"i think you traded up..."

-"so you're saying in order to make you happy i have to take away your freedom and choice?"
-"donna that's how i was brought up!"

yeah that last one wasn't exactly right but it's the general gist of it. so yeah...
1:09 am
ooo...the first post....i'm such a nerd.
ok so this is a product of my boredom at 1 in the morning when i should be asleep. but since i'm here and i do this on a regular basis...

-"i love rush. fly by night, ow!!"

-"i made up a rhyme! My green card in my right shoe...something, something, something in my right shoe..."

-red is going to kick your ass! i mean...flibby flabby doo..."
(the one where they go to Canada for beer...i suck at episode names...)

and if anyone checks this place out...please tell me how to due a layout!!! ♥ Nic
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