Miss Thang (tara84) wrote in t7s_greatness,
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Hi! I just joined cuz ducks0446  told me to and also cuz i think this community is an awesome idea! Now there's a community just based on quotes, how great is that? Anyway here's a couple of quotes that i thought were hilarious.

 (Alison Hannigan) as Suzy: " I like things that are loud, Guns and boys!"

Fez: "Then load me up baby, i'm ready to blow!"

Oh the episode where Eric's teaching Red about Star Wars.

Eric: "Who is this?" ( He picks up the action figure of Han Solo)

Red: "The guy that flies the spaceship and sits next to the big hairy guy."

Eric: "This is Han Solo."

Eric: "Who's this?" ( he picks up Darth Vader)

Red: "Ok i know this one. The guy with the breathing problem."

Eric: "This is Darth freakin Vader!... I don't know dad some where down the line i failed with you."

LOL i love those episodes.

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